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If you have some questions about DICOM Detective, please contact us .

Q: How can I purchase DICOM Detective Enterprise/Base, DICOM Anonymizer&Masker or PACS Health Monitor, What is the pricing?

A: To purchase DICOM Detective, DICOM Anonymizer&Masker or PACS Health Monitor, please click here.

Q: I am a non-commercial user, how can I get a free full licensed DICOM Detective?

A: Non-commercial user can request a full licensed DICOM Detective.

The non-commercial user should pay the handle fee (40 US dollars) for delivery.

Please download the Non-commercial Software License Agreement. You should read it carefully, sign it and mail it back to us.For detail, please click here.

Q: What is the difference between DICOM Detective Enterprise and Base?

FeaturesDICOM Detective (Base) DICOM Detective Enterprise
WinPcap packets Capture, analyzes data while capturing (Dynamic Analyze).
Remote capture of WinPcap.
Gateway Capture for devices that cannot install capturing software.
Dynamic dump DICOM info to text file while DICOM transferring.
Dynamic gathering data transmission rate while DICOM transferring; measure the DICOM network performance on line.
Statistics Views for capture file to show data transmission rate; measure the DICOM network performance off line.
Show transmission rates dynamically in tables and a line chart.
Show network interface status dynamically.
Records DICOM network transmission rates in history files and show the history of transmission rates in line chart.
Inserting/Deleting/Editing DICOM elements (include sequence elements) for capture file.
Inserting/Deleting/Editing DICOM elements (include sequence elements) for DICOM file.
Time display format selection (Sec.since beginning of capture, YYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.M and Sec. since Epoch(1970-01-01)) for capture file.
New file format supported: Accenlent 5views capture, Wireshark – nanosecond libpcap, Wireshark big-endian libpcap.
Option to open capture file directly if only one connection.
Option to skip error message while opening capture file.
Command line for exporting txt, DVT script and MergeDPM User Info.
Open capture file or DICOM file and display the contents in tree list views.
Simulate DICOM communications.
Find DICOM files under a directory (User can specify any combination of criteria. Range matching is supported).
2008 DICOM Dictionary.
Export DVT script.
Export Merge DPM User Info.
Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Western Europe language support.
Auto Encoding according to the special character set.
Verify DICOM Tag, VR, VM and Value length according DICOM Standard.
Show packet number and time for PDUs and service elements.
View image and structure report by a single click.
Save the dataset as a DICOM file.
Error column to display errors.
Drag a capture file or DICOM file from windows explorer and drop to DICOM Detective to open the file.
Continue the simulation without waiting.
Show binary detail for PDUs.
Display general information in content column for folded nodes.
Search elements and values.
Open capture file from Merge toolkit.
View image embedded in sequence element.
Support invalid VR OX and XS.

Q: How to use the DICOM Detective to analyze the DICOM communication?

A: The DICOM Detective works with a network monitor tool. If you use DICOM Detective Enterprise, you should install free packet capture lib "Winpcap" from http://www.winpcap.org.If you use DICOM Detective (Base), you should get a network monitor tool first. E.g. A free tool called Wireshark is available at http://www.wireshark.org. And some commercial tools are also available like: Sniffer Pro 4.5, Distinct Network Monitor 4.2 or greater (use *.dmn files) at http://www.distinct.com , Shomiti Surveyor 2.4 or greater (use snoop file format).

You should use the network monitor tool to capture the DICOM communication and save the capture data to a file (A useful link tell us how to use Ethereal and TCP Dump for DICOM ). Then you should open the capture file with DICOM Detective and analyze or reproduce the DICOM communication according to the user manual .

Q: Do I need to install the DICOM Detective on the two devices for troubleshooting?

No, you don't need to install DICOM Detective to you PACS or modalities. What DICOM Detective needs is just the network capture file from a network monitor tool. But usually, you should install the network monitor tool in one side of the communication peers, that will ensure you will not lose any packet.

One of the option is using gateway capture function of DICOM Detective Enterprise, it will ensure that you will not lost packet.

Q: How can I use the simulator?

A: To make simulator work, you should:
1. Capture the communication between 2 peers using a network monitor tool (DICOM Detective Enterprise or Wireshark). Suppose that you will simulate the archive server to demonstrate a strange behavior of the modality (or server) to the vender. So you have to capture the C-STORE between the modality and achieve server.
2. Connect you PC with DICOM Detective installed to the network so that it can interact with the modality.
2. Open the capture file using DICOM Detective (using Menu: File->Open a Capture File)
3. To simulate the archive server, click the Simulator-SCP tab, enter a port number. Click start button.
4. Then the DICOM Detective is ready.
5. Go to the modality, set up the IP and port for DICOM Detective, treat it as a archive server. Using same setting as what is set for the real archive server.
6. Do the exactly same operation and send the same image to DICOM Detective.
7. Then it will reproduce the DICOM Communication for you.

The key point is that you should use same setting and operate in the same way to make sure that the modality sends the same data to DICOM Detective. To tell if you are using the same setting and operate in the same way, there is a simple way. It is that you just capture the communication between the modality and the DICOM Detective and compare this communication with the previous one (by seeing the tags using DICOM Detective). If data sent by the modality are different, the simulator will not work. DICOM Detective just reproduce the DICOM Communication happened last time for you.